Family & Community Engagement

Research continues to demonstrate that when schools work with families and communities in collaborative and intentional ways, student achievement increases and communities become more empowered to advocate for high educational quality. This is particularly the case for low-income neighborhoods. This resource collection features frameworks, strategies, and resources for engaging and partnering with families and community actors that lead to positive student outcomes and more robust, dynamic school systems.

Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships
Publication Date: Updated 2020
Resource Type: Infographic
Building Capacity for Family, School and Community Engagement
Publication Date: April 2020-November 2011
Resource Type: Webinar Series
Toolkit of Resources for Engaging Families and the Community Partners in Education (Parts 1-4)
Publication Date: September 2016
Resource Type: Toolkit
Working Systemically in Action: Engaging Family & Community
Publication Date: 2010
Resource Type: Facilitation Guide
Parent Participation in Early Intervention
Publication Date: July 2021
Resource Type: Practice Guides, Practice Tools
The Handbook on Family and Community Engagement
Publication Date: 2011
Resource Type: Handbook
Classroom Family Engagement Rubric
Publication Date: February 2014
Resource Type: Rubric
Harnessing the Potential of Multiple Languages & Family Partnerships in Early Childhood Intervention & Special Education
Publication Date: December 2017
Resource Type: Webinar
Creating Authentic Partnerships with Historically Marginalized Families and Other Stakeholders
Publication Date: February 2021
Resource Type: Brief
Best Practices in Family and Community Engagement
Publication Date: December 2019
Resource Type: Video Series
Tools for Planning Community Partnerships
Publication Date: 2019
Resource Type: Practice Guide
Program Environments: Responsive Programming for Migrant Families
Publication Date: March 2021
Resource Type: Video
Parent and Family Involvement
Publication Date: Updated 2017
Resource Type: Annotated Bibliography
Community Partnerships for Family Engagement in the Transition to Kindergarten
Publication Date: April 2020
Resource Type: Webinar
A Guide to Developing Collaborative School-Community-Business Partnerships
Publication Date: 2015
Resource Type: Guide
Trusting Family Partnerships
Publication Date: Varied
Resource Type: Guide; Resource Bank
Trusting Community Partnerships
Publication Date: Varied
Resource Type: Guide; Resource Bank
Checklists To Guide Parents, Guardians, And Caregivers
Resource Type: Tools, Checklists
Source/Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Resources And Strategies To Support Children With Disabilities And Their Families During Covid-19
Resource Type: Guidance, PDF
Source/Credit: U.S. Department of Education, 2020
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