Webinar Series

Distance Education with a Focus on the Pacific Context
Module I: Positive Effects of Distance Education
March 26, 2021
Module II: Active Engagement in Virtual Learning Environments
April 27, 2021
Module III: Designing and Implementing Curriculum in Distance Education
May 28, 2021
Module IV: Leveraging Resources
June 18, 2021
Module V: Formative and Summative Assessment in Distance
June 25, 2021
Module VI: Supporting Students and Families at Home
July 2, 2021
Module VII: Strengthening Supports for Diverse Learners
July 10, 2021
Module VIII: Strengthening Supports for English Learners
July 10, 2021
Module IX: Early Childhood and Distance Education
July 24, 2021
Module X: Assessing Virtual Lessons
July 30, 2021
Passcode: 2?Dbj!pv
Module XI: Strengthening Guided Reading in a Virtual Environment
August 6, 2021
Passcode: NK*%2hfj
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