Mathematics Education

An accessible, applicable, and high quality mathematics education is critical to student academic success. Not only does mathematics builds logical reasoning skills, it promotes the learning and comprehension of content in other school subjects. This resource collection feature strategies and tips for evidence-based mathematics instruction, assessment, and teacher professional learning. Resources that address struggling students, culturally relevant pedagogy, and English Learner experiences are included.

Teaching Math to Young Children Practice Guide
Publication Date: February 2014
Resource Type: Practice Guide
Early Childhood Math: Numbers and Operations
Publication Date: January 2020
Resource Type: Video
Professional Learning Community: Improving Mathematical Problem Solving for Students in Grades 4 Through 8
Publication Date: February 2019
Resource Type: Facilitator’s Guide, Activities Guide
Building Positive Math Attitudes Training Series
Publication Date: September 2018
Resource Type: Training Series
Selecting Math Instructional Materials
Publication Date: August 2014
Resource Type: Video
Culturally Responsive Instruction in Middle School Math
Publication: October 2019
Resource: Resources; References
Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: Intervention in the Elementary Grades
Publication: March 2021
Resource: Practice Guide
Mathematical Thinking and Communication: Access for English Learner Students
Publication Date: December 2015
Resource Type: Webinar
Principles for Designing Intervention in Mathematics
Publication Date: 2016
Resource Type: Guide, Sample Lessons
Intensive Intervention in Mathematics Course Content
Publication Date: N/A
Resource Type: Module Series
Mathematics Sample Lessons to Support Intensifying Intervention
Publication Date:
Resource Type: Videos; Activities Guide
Online Teaching Support Group (Mathematics Leadership Programs)
Publication Date: 2020
Resource Type: Videos
Using Sample Lessons to Support Continuity of Learning During COVID-19: Tips for Parents
Publication Date:
Resource Type: Video; Tips
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